Our Services

We have vast experience in teaching, training and delivering healthcare. In this ever changing era we have to adapt to deliver training and services in healthcare that is different yet effective. With our combined expertise, and with your collaboration we believe that we can achieve that goal.

Professional Advice & Mentoring

These are challenging times especially with limitations of training and apprehensions for taking new responsibilities. With our combined expertise we are well placed to offer advice, experience, expertise and support to better manage such difficulties.

Education in these times are changing the way in which we deliver and assimilate knowledge. We have had the opportunity to deal with ever-changing aspects of education over the past 25 years, including the most recent difficulties. We are well placed to cater to the educational needs of individuals in demanding circumstances.

Surgical Services
Outpatient clinics & Services
Development of Healthcare Services

Surgical services have recently been disrupted to an unprecedented extent. We strive to assist in providing these surgical services to help patients in these disruptive times. Safety for patients is paramount. And safety for staff is equally important


There have been understandable restrictions imposed on providing out-patient services recently. We have a safe model to restart these services and have developed several models of care that would suit different individuals and their bespoke medical needs.

Although recent disruptions have largely been restrictive there are aspects that have provided fresh alternatives to the traditional delivery of healthcare. We have partnered with patients, colleagues and institutions to develop models of care that are both innovative and ground breaking.