Preston Microsurgery Course

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This highly regarded course is now being run in collaboration between SMS Healthcare & Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The course includes the innovative Arena model, and chicken legs to perform nerve and vessel anastomoses under the supervision and guidance of experienced Faculty. The course is open to all Surgical specialties like Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, ENT, MaxFax, Orthopaedics, Urology etc

Course Programme

9.00 to 9.30                 Registration / Introduction / safety checks


9.30                             Basics of Microsurgery / Instrument orientation


9.45                             Microsurgery Arena – simulated training / Demo and practice


10.00                           Setting up chicken thigh / exposure of NV bundles (macro dissection)


10.10                           Nerve repair (Epineurial repair)


10.30                           Vessel preparation / Arterial repair (End to End) – Triangulation technique


11.00 to 11.20             Coffee Break


11.20                           Further Arterial Repair (End to End) – Posterior Wall technique


11.50                           Vein repair (End to End)


12.30 to 13.00            Lunch Break


13.00 to 13.10            Further practice..(on vessel / Micro surgery Arena, as needed)    


13.10                           End to Side – Vein to artery – anastomosis


14.00                           Additional practice sessions


14.30                           Vein Graft interposition in Artery


15.00                           Coffee


15.20                           Vein graft for nerve gap


15.45                           Additional practice sessions / Vessel mis match (Recap of techniques)


16.15                           Individual Feedback


16.30                           Close