Preston FRCS Plast Viva Course Description

This is a novel course designed to be delivered remotely to achieve maximum effectiveness. VIVA is weighted strongly and constitutes 52% of the marks in the FRCS (Plast) Exams. In the peri examination period, it is essential that all available time is utilised judiciously. This course avoids unnecessary travel, saving time and cost and yet delivers the content in the same way as a face to face course via a reliable Zoom platform. There is no time wasted in moving between the tables and there are no didactic lectures to listen. We strongly believe that close to the exam, the purpose of the course is to test your knowledge and your ability to deliver that effectively.

The format of the course will be the similar as the JCIE FRCS (Plast) VIVA. Our focus will be on personal attention and personal feedback. To achieve this, we have only kept three candidates in the full 4-hour VIVA session. In the session you will be having a VIVA in all the three major sections with all the three themes covered in each section. Additionally, you will be able to listen to the VIVA of two other candidates and learn. There will be individual feedback at the end.

The sections of the VIVA and the themes are as follows –

The marking of the VIVA will be as it would be done similar to your exams, the description can be found on JCIE website -

The Scheme of how the three candidates will be rotating during the VIVA session follows - 

Dos and Don’ts 

1.     Please make sure you choose a quiet room for the whole duration of the course and put do not disturb sign on the door.           Remember any disturbance is going to affect not only you but the other candidates as well.

2.     Please make sure you have put your phones and other electronic devices to silent but do not switch off your phones as             we will need to contact you if platform fails.

3.     Video conference drains significant battery power of your device, please make sure your device is fully charged and                   you have a charger/power pack handy.

4.     You will get reminders and links for the course and we hope you are comfortable with the Zoom platform but if there are         any issues, please contact us and we can help.

5.     Please make sure you always keep your microphone on mute apart from when you are having the VIVA or feedback.

6.     Please keep your Video camera on so that all of us can see each other. This is courteous to colleagues attending the                   session and will create a realistic situation.

7.     In the rare situation that there is a technical failure of the platform, we will ring you and try to fix the problem.

8.     Please keep a notepad and pen handy to note down any points when you are listening to VIVAs.

9.     For copyright and confidentiality purposes you are requested not to take any photos of the screen, any screenshots or               record the session.

10.  At the end of VIVA session, feedback will be confidential and one to one. Each candidate will be going to an individual               breakout room and the examiner will visit each room to provide the feedback.

11.   You will be required to draw in some of the VIVA questions – Please print the Illustration Template file from this link,               preferably the day before the course - 



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